The Elbe Cycle Route: Vrchlabi - Hrensko - Cuxhaven

Elbe Route News July 17th: Enjoy entire CZ track

Bike along the Elbe ans Moldau rivers - the numbers were changed.

The Elbe cycle route -Labská stezka- signs have been changed in the section Vrchlabí Mělník.Route number 24 has been renumbered with number 2. You can find number 24 in old maps yet.
Route signs number 24 may be omitted accidentally and will be replaced.

Vltava (Moldau) cycle route number 2 from Prague to Mělník will be renumbered with number 7.

The Elbe cycle route from Vrchlabí to Czech Germany border is no 2 now. The Vltava cycle route from source to confluence with Elbe will be no 7.
This changes correspond with Eurovelo long distance route scheme.

The Elbe route from Vrchlabí to Dolní Žleb (CZ/ Germany borders) is fully open for public access. Impacts of 2013 June's floods are still visible somewhere, especially in the area of Ústí nad Labem, but cycle path is fine again and the all Elbe route is passable without any difficulties now.

Small spots of sands and dry mud can be encountered still somewhere. Bikers could go over easily or alternative tracks are clear.
Route signs are damaged in some places. There is still visible impact of flooding on land along the river somewhere. Route clean-up and repairs are still running.

River ferry boats are in service between

  • Velký Osek - Oseček
  • Čelákovice and Grado (temporary service)
  • Nučničky and Nučnice
  • Píšťany- Lovosice
  • Ferry Malé Žernoseky-Velké Žernoseky

Following services are not yet operational

  • Velke Brezno-Nestemice (Usti nad Labem)

News about Elbe river road June16th 2013 - after June floods

The Elbe route from Vrchlabí to Kostelec/Neratovice is passable.

The status of the route from Mělnik downstream various after June floods. Mud is removing gradually, there are lagoons and falling trees somewhere, surroundings of the route has not been cleaned up somewhere so far. Particular sections e.g. Křešice-Lounky, Velké Žernoseky are without obstacles.

Flood has destroyed some longer sections of new cycle path in Ústí nad Labem and Děčín region. A bridge and railings with route signs have been washed away elsewhere.Long distance cycling through this area is not recommended yet.

June 18th Vltava route Prague-Mělnik status

Cycle route sections Prague Troja-Klecany and Chvateruby-Kralupy nad Vltavou are closed until further notice. There is a risk of injury. Parts of the cycle route are undermined and will be repaired.


Map of Labská stezka o.s. - central office in Nymburk



Elbe cycle route for everybody

from spring to the sea - across Europe - without barriers

Date: SEPTEMBER 17th and 18th, 2013

Labská stezka o. s., Za Žoskou 2506, 288 02 Nymburk
Královéhradecký kraj
Chairman: Ing. arch. Jan Ritter, mail:
GSM: +420 777 55 66 90, land line office: +420 325 53 38 03



objekt PIN
Za Žoskou 2506, 288 02 Nymburk
tel: +420 325 533 803
GPS: 50° 12' 1,4'' N, 15° 2' 31,5'' E
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